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New video ..2.0 range
The INNOVA ..2.0 range of air conditioners as you have never seen it before!

..2.0 is the INNOVA range of air conditioners without an external unit that adapts to any type of environment. In standard, vertical or MINI versions, ..2.0 can count on a complete range of products that allows you to find the right model for every type of installation. All you need is an external wall and you will find the space to insert it at the top of the wall, at the bottom of the floor, in the corner or at the side of a French door. Maximum versatility to meet every need.

Optimised power, reduced consumption and noise, the design of ..2.0 has been carefully studied down to the smallest detail so as to combine form and function in a perfect symbiosis. Thanks to DC Inverter technology, the powers are optimised for maximum comfort while whith Dual Power it is possible to select the highest capacity so to reach the requested temperature as soon as possible. Once reached the set temperature, ..2.0 automatically the comfort function to ensure maximum wellbeing.

Credit: Frame

Art direction: Osmo design

Product designer: Luca Papini