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Water Compact

The compact water-water unit



Suitable for all types of water

Water Compact is a water/water heat pump developed for air conditioning and heating, designed to work in very harsh conditions and with corrosive water, even that of the sea. Thanks to its characteristics of compactness, functionality and resistance, Water Compact is now successfully used also for residential installations where groundwater is present. It is positioned under the kitchen sink and is able to work even in the presence of water rich in limestone.

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A sea of technology

INNOVA's Water Compact uses the Brushless DC Inverter technology which, combined with the R410A fluid, is able to eliminate current peaks at start-up and quickly reach the desired temperature. Furthermore, the heat pump requires less electrical power and is ultimately much quieter, for superior acoustic comfort.

Energy saving
40% less electricity consumption

Easy installation
thanks to its compact size and low weight


Also suitable for naval applications

Maximum comfort with lower consumption and greater silence

Compact and complete unit

Configuration for geothermal systems



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