Heat pumps


The heat pump not to be hidden any more



Perfect aesthetic integration

STØNE is the heat pump that renews the technology and aesthetics of the sector with a tailor-made design solution for residential use. Compared to traditional outdoor units - bulky and bad looking - STØNE integrates perfectly on balconies, terraces and outdoors of condominiums and prestigious contexts. The beginning of a new era.

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Top acoustic comfort

STØNE has a front suction system with a plug fan that directs the air flow towards the exchange coils, minimizing the noise, absorbed almost entirely by the structure. Besides this, the outgoing air flow can be either vertical or horizontal to choose - according to each context - the direction that best optimizes acoustic comfort.

Different versions for unique needs

Free standing, partially recessed or total built-in? STØNE outdoor units can be installed in contexts and ways previously unforeseenable, with the possibility of positioning them completely against the wall, making them disappear entirely or partially in the wall and with innovative modular combinations, for example back/back. In any situation, zero compromises between elegance and efficiency.


Advanced design

To enhance residential contexts

Maximum silence

For state-of-the-art comfort

High efficiency

With newly developed technological solutions

Great flexibility

With many different versions and combinations


Maximum energy class

Energy saving

Small footprint


High range of capacities available up to 15 kW


Low impact GWP refrigerant throughout the range

Quiet operation

Remote control by App



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