The range of high wall-mounted fancoils



More space for furniture and furnishings

Filomuro is the INNOVA's range of wall-mounted fancoil designed to be installed high up on the wall and free up floor space for furniture and furnishings. A design solution - made entirely of metal - that perfectly meets the needs of architects and designers who, thanks to Filomuro range, no longer have boundaries in interior design. A fancoil that guarantees heating, cooling and dehumidification, minimizing the overall dimensions and operating costs.

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The thinnest and quietest in its class

Filomuro range fancoils stand out for their outstanding depth: only 128 mm. The minimum visual encumbrance to fit elegantly into any environment, domestic or office, and adapt to any type of furniture. An extremely thin and also super silent fancoil thanks to a careful study of the product design, the choice of the best materials - such as the metal structure that minimizes vibrations - and the perfectly optimized tangential fan.

A concentrate of technology

All the main functions can be set directly on the unit thanks to the large, highly intuitive touchscreen display, or with the infrared remote control or remotely thanks to the Web Server card that can connect the various fan coils of the system to the network, wired or wireless. ilomuro range fan coils can also be integrated with current remote management systems and easily interfaced with the most popular home automation systems.


Minimum depth

Only 128 mm

Advanced silence

Thanks to the fan with continuous modulation

Reduced consumption

With DC Inverter technology that guarantees perfect operating stability

Network control

To create scenarios and control fan coils via the web even outside the home


Maximum comfort with lower consumption and greater silence

Extremely thin, it takes up only 128 mm of depth

Integration with the most complex remote management systems

Modulated air flow

The all-metal structure guarantees rigidity, robustness and absence of vibrations

Quiet operation



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