The ductable fancoil



Constant flow, excellent comfort

DUCTO and DUCTO THIN are INNOVA's ducted fan coils designed to fit perfectly inside any wall. Unlike traditional ducted fan coils, where the flow varies according to the air resistance, DUCTO is intelligent because at all times it recognizes the resistance in the air and automatically varies the speed so that the air flow rate is constant, thus offering top thermal comfort at all times.

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Silence is channeled

Like all INNOVA fancoils, DUCTO can also boast extremely high standards of silence. Unlike normal on-off products that alternate annoying air currents with moments of absolute standstill, with DUCTO the air movement is constant and imperceptible. The centrifugal fan with single motor impeller progressively attenuates the revolutions when the set temperature is reached: a technical solution aimed at minimizing noise.

Horizontal or vertical?

DUCTO can be installed both horizontally on the ceiling/false ceiling and vertically on the wall, to meet the needs of any home and any architectural project. A single product, two application possibilities, both extremely performing. Furthermore, DUCTO is available in two versions: Pi logic and modulating speed with WiFi or Modbus thermostat, 0-10 V speed regulation.


Intelligent fans

Self-adapt to duct length for constant airflow

Advanced silence

Thanks to cutting-edge technological solutions

Super smart

Smartouch commands, management via app and integrable with home automation systems


Maximum comfort with lower consumption thanks to the DC Inverter technology which guarantees perfect operating stability

Centrifugal fan with constant flow rate that automatically adapts to the pressure drops of the channels

Modulated air flow

Quiet operation with centrifugal fan with single motor impeller



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