Enough with the traditional bulky and ugly fancoils. INNOVA has totally reviewed their appearance and their technical features.

Still not too long ago, fan coil was suitable only for offices and commercial contexts. Today INNOVA presents a range of fan coils designed specifically for residential applications. Design solutions that can guarantee heat, cool and dehumidification, with minimum space and maximum energy savings also thanks to the special DC Inverter technology.


>OSMO< is the new INNOVA fancoil, more beautiful, more compact, more powerful, more technological...
With >OSMO< we redefine what will be the home comfort of the future.


FÄRNA combines in two models great power in a small space.


AirLeaf is INNOVA fancoil line, with visible or recessed cabinet. Only 129 mm of depth and superior silence, to fit also in the bedroom and in any residential context.


Filomuro is the INNOVA wall-mounted fancoil range to be installed on the top of the wall, available in the visible or totally hidden version and only 128 mm deep. A solution loved by architects and designers because it frees floor space for furniture and furnishings.


Filoterra is the INNOVA trench fan coil designed ad hoc for rooms with full-wall windows or very exposed spaces at a thermal level. An innovative fan coil that can be integrated with normal heating systems.


DUCTO and DUCTO THIN are INNOVA's ultra-high-efficiency ducted fan coils that automatically adjust fan speed to ensure a constant air flow rate and consequently consistent comfort over time.

Ducto Multi

DUCTO MULTI and DUCTO MULTI THIN are the new ultra-high-efficiency ducted fan coils that, through integrated multi-zone management and the use of BLDC Brushless multi-fans, allow independent management of the various thermal zones.