Dehumidify and cool

In new generation homes, which are increasingly airtight to ensure maximum energy savings, in addition to air exchange, it is important to control the hygrometric state of the air, i.e. its degree of humidity: a decisive parameter for home comfort and the healthiness of the places we live in. In these contexts and in combination with a radiant panel heating system - floor, wall or ceiling - INNOVA offers special dehumidifiers designed to meet both the dehumidification and cooling needs.

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DEH - The high performance design unit

DEH is the INNOVA dehumidifier for residential applications with radiant panel systems, specific for low energy consumption environments. The unit works both for dehumidification and for air conditioning (summer and winter) of the home and - thanks to its particular construction characteristics and its components - is able to perform its functions using less energy than a conventional appliance. In addition, DEH has been embellished with a high design finish to make it easy to place in any residential context.


Advanced electronics

to automatically control all operating parameters

Energy saving

also thanks to the EC fans that limit consumption to the maximum

Extremely quiet

for example, suitable for use in the bedroom areas of the house

Valuable aesthetics

made of metal painted RAL 9003


Touch control for component management and adjustment

Dehumidifies and air conditioning using less energy than a conventional appliance

It can work in both dehumidification and air conditioning mode

Ideal for single family units, apartments and offices where there is a radiant air conditioning system


The versions

2 variants, visible and recessed.