Heat pumps



To warm, air condition and produce domestic hot water with maximum efficiency for the entire house.

INNOVA has always invested in Heat Pump technology and today can boast a very wide range of products to meet any need. Traditional and design systems, with or without outdoor unit, with air/air, air/water, water/water, earth/water technology, for new buildings or renovations.


STØNE is the design solution, conceived for the residential sector, which integrates perfectly on the outdoor of balconies, terraces, outdoors and prestigious condominiums. The heat pump not to be hidden any more.

eHPoca e 3in1

From a small apartment to a large office, from a villa to an apartment building. eHPoca and 3in1 are two highly reliable and versatile heat pumps that adapt to different contexts. High efficiency, in any situation.

eHPoca GEO and WATER

eHPoca GEO is the geothermal heat pump that absorbs energy from the ground , while eHPoca WATER is the ground water heat pump that uses a source close to the building. Two advanced solutions, one force of nature.

Water Compact

Water Compact is the water/water heat pump that can also be placed under the kitchen sink and is able to work even in the presence of very corrosive and limestone-rich waters. Compact, functional and super resistant.

..2.0 H2O

..2.0 H2O is the hot/cold air conditioner that works thanks to a simple hydraulic connection and a drain. One of the most innovative technical solutions in the world of building redevelopment to renovate with zero impact in water loop systems.


IN.CH Inverter is the Compact Water chiller ideal for cooling those properties where no outdoor unit can be installed. Minimum space requirement, maximum energy saving.

Air Compact

Air Compact is the extremely compact water/air heat pump