Even narrower and thinner fancoils



Fancoils even narrower, even thinner

>OSMO< is the new INNOVA fancoil that redefines what will be the home comfort in the future. It reduces product width to 5 cm and depth to 1 cm!

>OSMO< works not only on the intensity, but also on the tone of sounds, to flatten their spikes and further smooth out their perception. With its rounded, narrower and thinner design, it offers two product versions: SL and RS, with 5 sizes of different performance and power.

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Reinventing space

More wellness in less space - and the 'less' has precise numerals: ">OSMO<" reduces the width of the products to 5 cm and the depth to 1 cm. An incredible result, until yesterday unimaginable... impossible to reach, for those who are not leaders.

Redesign the shapes

In these years the overall design of domestic environments has changed, in function and form. >OSMO< interpreters and accompanies this transformation with new lines, soft but strong, that combine the elegance of detail with the severity of form.


Recreate the silence

›OSMO‹ works not only on the intensity but also on the tonality of sounds, to smooth out the spikes and further blur the perception.

M7 series controls

With M7, INNOVA combines design and technology expertly for a new control series, M7, that is certainly at the top of its category.


New curved design

New M7 Series on-board and wall-mounted controls

Even thinner, only 119 mm (for RS versions 129 mm)

Reduced dimensions (- 5 cm) in width and (- 1 cm) in depth

SL and RS range

Modulated air flow

Maximum comfort with the minimum consumption and the quietest operation

Silent operation


The versions