Heat pumps


The heat pump for the largest environments



OKKI: the innovative heat pump system for winter and summer air conditioning of production buildings.

Today, large rooms are usually heated with boilers and unit heaters - inefficient, noisy, complex and expensive to install fossil fuel systems that rarely offer integration for summer cooling.

OKKI is the heat pump solution for air-conditioning large spaces during all seasons efficiently, ecologically and economically. It offers optimal user comfort while providing a quiet environment and significantly greater ease of installation than other systems.

Specially designed to increase thermal comfort while decreasing consumption, OKKI solves all the problems that plague existing systems, first and foremost air stratification which, by negatively impacting the uniform distribution of heat, is one of the main causes of discomfort and energy waste. In addition, thanks to the self-directing motorised nozzles of the indoor unit designed to guarantee the uniform diffusion of comfort and, therefore, wellbeing to the entire area to be air-conditioned, it allows the air flow to be directed in different directions, regulating it autonomously and independently.

OKKI's Smart Jet system adjusts the characteristics of the air flow (direction, flow rate, temperature) to the evolution of the comfort conditions in the air-conditioned area, passing through three operating phases in both winter (pre-heating, rapid heating, maintenance) and summer (pre-cooling, rapid cooling, maintenance). Independently of the room height, the Smart Jet system is also able to adapt OKKI operation in the summer period to the changing climatic conditions of the moment, offering unparalleled benefits in terms of energy and economic sustainability. The advanced functions of the Smart Jet technology offer very precise automatic control of the air throw trajectory, avoiding the need for ducting and preventing the stratification effect. Finally, the Manual Jet configuration allows local control of the direction of the jet and, if necessary, through the Ducted configuration it is possible to increase the precision of the jet in specific areas.



An efficient modular system for maximum comfort

OKKI is a modular system that allows multiple installation of units. It includes all the necessary components for quick and easy installation, with wall mounting brackets and only needing the refrigeration connections to the indoor unit.


Smart Jet function

Multiple installation of units

Heat pump outdoor unit with R32 refrigerant

Comfort acoustic

Thanks to DC Inverter technology, powers are optimised for maximum comfort with the lowest consumption and noise

All system components for quick and easy installation