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Comfort that follows the habits of home

BUTLER is the web server developed by INNOVA to allow the customer to manage an entire winter and summer air conditioning system from a local network or remotely, by connecting all the units supplied: heat pump, HRV, fancoil and any other element such as a radiant system.

"What time do you come home in the evening?" With BUTLER you can set a weekly calendar with time slots to program heat or cold according to your habits, create zone scenarios to divide the various rooms of the house, room by room, and change the settings at any time to optimize the comfort and energy saving.

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Complete, simple, intuitive

BUTLER was designed to meet the needs of less technological customers, through a simple and absolutely intuitive interface, and the possibility of using the device you prefer.

The user can manage his comfort both from the integrated display and from a computer or from his smartphone or tablet, to change every parameter even when he is not at home, wherever he is.

Something does not work? The report is immediate

With the explicit consent of the customer, INNOVA can remotely check the correct functioning of the products connected to the BUTLER. Any anomalies are automatically sent by the BUTLER to the assistance center which can intervene by modifying the parameters or scheduling an intervention by a specialized technician. A fast and professional service from people who know INNOVA solutions perfectly.

INNOVApp - Smart system management

All the comfort in one touch

From summer to winter air conditioning, from heat pumps to fan coils, from HRV to radiant systems. INNOVapp is the INNOVA application that allows the customer to manage all the elements of the home system with a simple touch, through their smartphone or tablet, from home or wherever they are. INNOVapp interface is easy and intuitive and allows you to create customized scenarios, set different temperatures in each room or for each fancoil or HRV, programming every detail of your home comfort.


For IOS and Android - Available for both Android smartphones and Apple devices
Multi user - Can also be used with more devices
Total control - A control screen for each element of the system
Simple use - Just connect the BUTLER web server and set up the connection


Summer and winter

Different programs can be set for each season

Weekly hours

Different operating times can be set for each room, HRV or fancoils

Networked or remotely

Management from display or from computer, smartphone, tablet

Total control

Scheduled maintenance and quality assistance directly from the parent company



Standard or touch? You choose!