Large windows or exposed walls?

Filoterra is the INNOVA range of trench fan coils designed to respond to particular architectural situations, such as rooms with full-length windows or spaces very exposed to summer heat or cold winter currents. In these cases, normal fan coils are not very effective or - in the case of windows - not compatible with the design of the rooms. We need an original, innovative solution that can be integrated with normal underfloor heating systems. The answer? Filoterra.

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A wall of air to protect comfort

In spaces particularly exposed to outside temperatures, both in summer and in winter, the air flow that rises from the Filoterra fan coils and touches the walls represents a real barrier capable of counteracting and neutralizing the heat and cold currents, maintaining the temperature to the desired level. A perfectly uniform diffusion of heat, or coolness, with the minimum expenditure of energy.

Easy to install and clean

Compared to other similar solutions on the market today, Filoterra stands out for its small size and extreme compactness. With the same power output, the installation footprint is considerably smaller, minimizing the visual impact of the grid on the floor. Furthermore, the design has been studied to make all cleaning and maintenance operations easier.


Maximum compatibility

With the INNOVA range of wall-mounted fancoils and with radiant floor panels

Advanced silence

Thanks to the fan in continuous modulation

Reduced consumption

With DC Inverter technology that guarantees perfect operating stability


Extremely thin, it disappears inside the floor

Maximum comfort with lower consumption and greater silence

Integration with the most complex remote management systems

Modulated air flow

The "Window open" input allows the terminal to switch off automatically when the window is opened and switch on again when the window is closed

Quiet operation



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