The fancoil you didn't expect



Two models with manifold varieties of installations.

FÄRNA combines great power in a small space. Unlike conventional fancoils, which are installed only at the top or bottom, this product offers unique installation versatility: the two models can be placed at the top, at the bottom, in mid-air, to the side, in the middle, this way and that way.

With FÄRNA, space is significantly reduced, leaving all the power needed for a large room. FÄRNA's sleek design, despite its compact size, makes it visible and aesthetically appealing.

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Reducing space significantly, leaving all the power necessary for a large room. Compared to classic AirLeaf models of similar power, FÄRNA reduces the size (width) of the machine by 32% - a third! Not a small unit, but a concentration of power.


Increase power, significantly, while leaving the size the same. Compared to classic AirLeaf models of similar size, FÄRNA increases power by a factor of three.



Elegant, different, unconventional... the design is specifically designed for a multifunctional product like FÄRNA. If the dimensions hide the product, the design makes it conspicuous and valuable.

M7 series controls

With M7, INNOVA combines design and technology for a new series of controls, M7, which is definitely at the top of its class.


Fancoils are usually installed at the bottom or at the top. FÄRNA installs high, low, mid-air, side, bottom, middle, this way, that way...


Two sizes, SMALL and BIG

Power in minimum size

New rounded design

Width reduced by 32% compared to classic fan coils

New on-board and wall-mounted controls, M7 Series

Silent operation


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