Stylish, slim, silent



High efficiency fancoil

AirLeaf is INNOVA water fancoil line for heating, cooling and dehumidification.

In connection with heat pumps, condensing boilers or systems integrated with solar collectors, AirLeaf fancoils are equipped with DC Inverter technology to ensure low power consumption, perfect operating stability and maximum silence. With a consumption of few Watts; AirLeaf delivers superior comfort in both summer and winter, expressed by a completely metal body of pure elegance.

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Comfort has never been so thin

AirLeaf fancoils can have a depth of only 129 mm - comparable to that of a radiator - obtained thanks to a mix of technical and design innovations. So much ahead the standard fancoils - bulky and suitable only for commercial and office contexts - AirLeaf delivers a new concept that makes the fancoil perfect even in residential contexts.

Well-being is silent

Forget the normal on-off products that alternate disturbing air flows with moments of absolute standstill.

Thanks to the fan in continuous modulation, AirLeaf reaches the desired temperature and keeps it constant with a moderate flow, almost imperceptible, to ensure maximum silence. A perfect solution even for a bedroom and also suitable for people most sensitive to noise.


Ultra thin

Only 129 mm deep

Advanced silence

Thanks to the fan in continuous modulation

Super smart

Smartouch controls, management via app and integrable with home systems

Wide range

Great variety of versions, sizes, colors and different finishes


Built-in installation

Smart touch controls of the highest level, both aesthetic and functional

Maximum comfort with lower consumption and greater silence

Extremely thin, it takes up only 129 mm of depth

Integration with the most complex remote management systems

Modulated air flow

Radiant effect, front panel heating

An almost infinite variety of versions, sizes, finishes and fittings

Quiet operation



On sight or built-in?
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