Ducto Multi

The integrated multi-zone ductable fancoil



Efficiency and excellent comfort

DUCTO MULTI is INNOVA's integrated multi-zone ductable fancoil designed to fit perfectly into a wall or false ceiling. Unlike zoning systems, DUCTO MULTI works with direct control over the air flow in individual rooms, which translates into advantages in terms of efficiency, comfort and noise.

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Silence is channelled

DUCTO MULTI also boasts high standards of silence. The centrifugal fan with single motor impeller progressively reduces its speed when the set temperature is reached, thus guaranteeing maximum silence.


Advanced silence

Thanks to cutting-edge technological solutions

Super smart

Smartouch commands, management via app and integrable with home automation systems


Quiet operation with centrifugal fan with single motor impeller

Centrifugal fans with a constant flow rate that automatically adapts to the pressure drop in the channels.

Multi-zone management

Maximum comfort with lower consumption thanks to DC Inverter technology


The versions

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