The Company



Grow through innovation

INNOVA is a company dedicated to the conception, development and production of innovative solutions for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Over 15 years of experience in the climate comfort sector with a clear goal: to grow through innovation. A mission that has always been developed through the union of technical skills and creativity, technology and design, Italian passion and international vision, to achieve the best standards in terms of energy efficiency and quality of performance.




We are committed every day to improving the well-being of people, at home and everywhere, and we have a commitment to the environment to reduce consumption, increase efficiency and promote sustainable development.


We are experts in our work and we love to translate our experience into creating innovative and valuable solutions, as well as transferring our skills to our partners.


We believe in the quality of reliable products able to fully satisfy the customer. The quality of solutions built to last over time. The quality of a reactive and constant service, always involved in solving problems.


We work to build trusting relationships with our customers, partners and suppliers. A serious and solid company you can count on, every day, every day.



A story in constant evolution

2004 - The beginnings

INNOVA was born. The company is fueled by the passion of the young work team led by Oreste Bottaro: visionary creator and father of many patented innovations that have made the history of residential air conditioning.

2012 - The turning point

With the arrival of Gianandrea Masserdotti (GAM), INNOVA decides to invest in the creation of its own commercial network, in Italy and abroad, proposing itself with its solutions both to distribution and to industrial partners for international brand cooperations.

2014 - The expansion

The foreign collaborations lead INNOVA to be present in over 30 countries. A growth path that leverages the continuous generation of new ideas and projects, such as the adoption of DC Inverter technology for fan coils and the launch of ..2.0: the air conditioner without external unit.

2016 - The big leap

INNOVA presents first Controlled Mechanical Ventilation (VMC) systems, sensing the potential of this sector. In the same year, the company moved to its current headquarters in Storo, larger and more suitable for supporting business development, with the Research and Development Pavilion inside, where all the novelties of the following years will be created.

2018 - The vision of the future

With the precious contribution of ideas from Hakira Nishikawa, a more complete vision of the future takes shape and INNOVA decides to invest in the world of VMC with the acquisition of a share of a specialized Italian company. The company also acquires a share in a software house dedicated to the development of artificial intelligence systems.

2020 - A new revolution

INNOVA is not satisfied with linear growth but decides to push on the accelerator by deeply renewing all the product lines under the banner of "Each product, a novelty". STØNE is also launched - the heat pump you no longer have to hide - one of the solutions the company wants to focus more on in the coming years.

2021 - Preparing for tomorrow

The bad global economic situation of 2020 did not take away the determination and ambition of INNOVA which, at the end of 2020, acquires a neighboring industrial complex: another area for 20.000 m² with production site 8.000 m²... a lot of new space for the many new ideas in the pipeline!

2022: INNOVA Engineering

Living the ecological transition as protagonists makes it clear that, now more than ever, it is necessary to push to create new products and technical solutions. To do this requires absolute concentration, combined with a very strong determination to achieve very high objectives – situations that are difficult to obtain in the R&D Pavilion of Storo, too much in contact with the Production and Technical Office to allow this "magnificent obsession".

This is why we created INNOVA Engineering in Tione, 30 kilometers from Storo – a world apart, separated from the parent company, where only new ideas can be conceived and incubated. INNOVA Engineering is equipped with the best and most up-to-date software and hardware technologies to position itself on the market as a center of excellence for the research and development of ideas in the HVAC world. An interesting presentation at the link where Oreste Bottaro, CEO of INNOVA, appears for the first time, who tells what Innovation is for him.

2024 - Alliance with Panasonic!

1st February 2024: an historical day for INNOVA, a strategic alliance with Panasonic is signed (read the news)!

To further grow - bigger and stronger - we needed a partner: strong, fair and courageous, as we in INNOVA are.

We have found all these features in Panasonic, with whom we are starting a new chapter in our history, that promises to be so exciting.

Welcome to our new partners - now, even more than before, no target is out of our reach...!


The logo

One symbol with many meanings

The INNOVA logo represents a butterfly, an icon of rebirth and transformation, that of a reality that has matured from a chrysalis over time and is now free to fly on the wings of innovation. The butterfly is also the synthesis of the natural elements with which INNOVA measures itself every day: the air, water and the land of Trentino in which it has its roots.

But the butterfly icon also hides another symbolism Leonardo da Vinci's Vitruvian man. Man as the measure of all things, the synthesis of the circle and the square, the union of art and science as a reference to one of the aspects that makes INNOVA so special: the unprecedented fusion of scientific rigor and creativity.


Pictures of our factory


The showroom

A virtual tour to discover INNOVA

Those who visit INNOVA have always been impressed by the company and the showroom. To offer a tool to agents and partners and bring our audience closer to the company, a virtual tour was created that allows visiting the R&D area and the showroom where the products are exhibited.