The decentralized HRV



Air exchange in individual rooms

While the airtightness of modern and renovated buildings guarantees high energy savings, it does not allow adequate ventilation of the premises and can cause the formation of mold, humidity and the accumulation of CO2 and other harmful pollutants. HRV - Heat Recovery Ventilation - restores the correct transpiration of the building without compromising its efficiency as would a continuous opening of the windows. The HRV “Punctual” is the ideal solution for those who need an air exchange system only in some rooms because it does not require the construction of a central ducted system, or - in the case of existing buildings - when it is not possible to intervene with works complex and invasive masonry.

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Guaranteed silence
thank to the DC Brushless fans and the high quality of the materials

Smart management
advanced electronics with radio wave remote control

Efficient filters
G3 filters with low pressure drop and easily removable

Simple maintenance
structure that can be easily installed and inspected


Thanks to a ceramic exchanger and a DC Brushless fan with cycle inversion function

It does not require systems with pipes, diffusers and centralized units

Highly efficient heat recovery

For autonomous or coordinated operation of the units



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