Compact systems

One product, many functions



The ideal solution for nZEB homes

To heat, cool and renew the air of a conventional house, different systems are used with many pipes and many products that take up space, require maintenance and increase the overall costs of the system. In homes with significant thermal insulation (such as the nZEB - nearly Zero Energy Building), you can instead opt for a compact system capable of operating - through a single system and a single machine - for both mechanical ventilation and heating and cooling. A simple and advanced solution that with a few hundred watts can heat any room, producing a huge saving in operating costs.

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HRA-i PLUS: 7 functions in one unit

HRA-i PLUS is the INNOVA heat pump compact system used for heating, cooling and air renewal in nZEB homes. In a single machine many different functions that also include air purification, dehumidification, free cooling and combined passive and thermodynamic heat recovery. A system that automatically monitors all the parameters of home comfort, optimizing energy savings at all times.


Constant flow

with intelligent ventilation that automatically adapts to pressure drops

Small footprint

height of only 260 mm to be installed in the false ceiling

Advanced silence

thanks to the dc inverter compressor

Quality air

through the integrated CO2, VOC and humidity sensors


DC Inverter compressor

High air quality

7 in 1

High efficiency F7 filters