INNOVA Heat Recovery Ventilation: air exchange and energy saving are now compatible.

Well insulated buildings reduce energy costs but can have problems with mold and humidity INNOVA has further improved its range of HRV products with advanced solutions that restore the correct transpiration of the building without compromising its efficiency and silence.


“Punctual” is the decentralized INNOVA HRV dedicated to customers who need ventilation only in some rooms. High-performance systems that are easy to install and maintain because they do not require any ducting.


Passive is the INNOVA centralized HRV line that works through a ducting system capable of covering an entire building. Many different products for the needs of both residential contexts and commercial premises.

Active + Integration

Active + Integration is the HRV INNOVA line which, in addition to air exchange, integrates other functions such as heat recovery, dehumidification and cooling. All for maximum comfort and better efficiency.

Compact systems

One product, many different functions. INNOVA “Compact systems” are products that, in addition to mechanical ventilation, also integrate heating and cooling cold. An ideal solution for low energy impact homes such as nZEB.

Distribution system

Nozzles, sleeves, manifolds, grids and flexible pipes. The INNOVA line of distribution systems is full of components dedicated to Heat Recovery Ventilation to allow each installer to customize the system.


INNOVA dehumidifiers meet both the dehumidification and the cooling needs of the rooms. Design units, beautiful to look at, with high performance and excellent acoustic comfort.