Air conditioners without outdoor unit


The air conditioner without outdoor unit



Elegant, slim, silent

Too often air conditioning means installing bulky and unsightly condensing units outdoors. ..2.0 is the INNOVA air conditioner without outdoor unit designed to fit perfectly into existing domestic environments, offering excellent energy performance and almost disappearing from view to minimize the aesthetic impact. The design is studied in every detail so to deliver a real piece of furniture, thin and compact, where form follows function.

..2.0 can work both for summer air conditioning and, as a heat pump, for winter heating. Both functions, in the same model, with maximum ease of installation.

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Hyper-compact design
Plastic free

..2.0 has a 100% metal body, strong and sturdy, solid and consistent. Dimensions of the unit has been reduced and optimized to include all the functions necessary for perfect functioning within a hyper-compact design.

The depth? Just 16 centimeters. An ultra-thin thickness that minimizes the aesthetic impact, both inside and outside.

Optimized powers, reduced consumption and noise

With DC Inverter technology, power is optimized to obtain maximum comfort with lower consumption and noise, and thanks to the Dual Power you can take advantage of the maximum power to reach the required temperature in the shortest possible time. Once reached, ..2.0 automatically adjusts to the comfort function.

Furthermore, the external grids are foldable: they open when the machine is in operation and close when it is off, so as to minimize dust, noise and pollution, maximizing well-being.

High on the wall or low on the floor?

..2.0 of INNOVA can count on a complete product range that allows you to find the right model for any type of installation. All you need is an external wall and you will find the space to insert it at the top of the wall, at the bottom of the floor, in the corner or at the side of a French door. Maximum versatility to meet every need.


Almost invisible

Compact design and zero outdoor units


Remote controls, either on the unit or via App

Maximum versatility

Available both horizontal and vertical versions

Easy to install

2 x 162mm holes without the need of professional drills


"Cooling only" and "heat pump" in the same model

DC Inverter and Dual Power with optimized power and reduced consumption

The installation accessories (mounting template, support bracket, pipes for the holes, external grilles) are contained in the package

Holes in the facade of only 162 mm

Folding external grids

No-Frost system

Almost invisible, inside and outside

WiFi connections for remote control



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