..2.0 MINI



So small, so ecological

The ..2.0 MINI is the first fixed twin duct air conditioner to use R290 (propane) gas.

Remarkable R&D to ensure the perfect operation of the appliance with less than 140 g of gas, that is the limit set by law.

The ..2.0 MINI has an environmental impact in terms of GWP (Global Warming Potential) of 3, compared to R410a gas which has a GWP of 2088 and R32 gas which has a GWP of 675.

The ..2.0 MINI can fit when space is at a premium with its 81-cm width maintaining the same standards of perfor-mance and noiselessness.

..2.0 MINI

..2.0 MINI 9 HP DC Inverter

WiFi connectivity

Nominal heat power A 7 °C / A 20 °C 1,71 kW
Nominal cooling power A 35 °C / A 27 °C 1,73 kW
Efficiency class A

Indoor unit dimension  810 mm  549 mm  165 mm