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INNOVA at Fuorisalone 2024
April 16th - 21 st

Great satisfaction for INNOVA at the second participation in Fuorisalone 2024.

INNOVA from April 16th to 21st, 2024, while participating in the dOT - design Outdoor Taste, inside the cloisters of San Marco Church - Brera, presented a line of built-in products and new fancoils:

  • >OSMO<: INNOVA's new fancoil, which redefines what will be the home comfort of the future. It reduces the width of products by 5 cm and the depth by 1 cm!
  • STØNE incasso: The heat pump you no longer have to hide. Revolutionizes the industry's technology and aesthetics with a design solution designed for residential.
  • FÄRNA: The new fancoil that combines great power in a small space. Unlike traditional fancoils, this product offers unique installation versatility: the two models can be placed high, low, mid-air, side, middle, this way and that way.
  • AirLeaf SLI: The built-in fancoil without cabinet that can easily fit into any wall and false ceiling.

For INNOVA, participation in the dOT-design Outdoor Taste was an opportunity to meet, exchange and learn. A beautiful event.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the organization and all the people who showed interest in our products.