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INNOVA introduces the "Heat Pump Application Guide"

Energy transition, building efficiency, and reducing dependence on fossil fuels are all topics on the agenda, along with increasing regulatory commitments made by the European Community in this direction.

INNOVA presents the "Heat Pump Application Guide": an easy and interesting document that the explains the European regulatory framework in eìwhich we will move in the coming years, with useful insights into the existing and planned future residential stock. And, in addition, an interesting series of practical cases, based on ondividual residential realities, to show how heat pumps - and, in particular, STØNE! - can perfectly combine energy efficiency with the aesthetic and functional quality of buidings.

Examples of plant applications and architectural solutions
  • Single-family residence
  • Newly built condominium
  • Existing or upgraded condominium
  • Two-family residence
  • Hospitality building
  • Non-residential building
  • Existing listed building