..2.0 RINNOVA - Brillarelli School
Sassoferrato (AN)

One of the most discussed issues related to the Coronavirus emergency is certainly the quality and purification of air, especially in crowded environments such as schools, shops, public offices, etc.. Using outside air is the best solution to reduce indoor pollutants (viruses, CO2, dust), but simply opening windows is insufficient and uncomfortable.

In the "Brillarelli" Primary School in Sassoferrato (AN), 41 ..2.0 Rinnova CEILING by INNOVA were installed in classrooms, common areas, gym and library to find a solution to this problem. A solution that, through a clear separation between incoming and outgoing air, guarantees a continuous change of air, keeping the temperature of the internal environment constant. The project, drawn up by the Technical Office of the Municipality of Sassoferrato, was carried out in collaboration with Beta Progettazioni S.r.l. of Fano. The products were supplied by Arbo and Comfoclima.