Field hospital
Gao, Mali

Air conditioning in a military base in Mali

The Swedish UN grant in Mali has built a new camp in the city of Gao in eastern Mali. The buildings, made with modular components transported from Sweden and then assembled on site, needed air conditioning to provide the military with adequate temperatures, as Gao is in the middle of the desert and temperatures can reach 50 ° C. It was chosen for the air conditioning of the rooms ..2.0 by INNOVA, for a total of 25 units.

The advantages of installing the ..2.0:
- absence of unit on the outdoor
which would have been quickly destroyed by frequent sandstorms
- ease to installation
with the possibility of sending pre-finished walls from Sweden with holes and fixing bracket
- ready to use
assembled the building the only thing to do is hang the appliance on the wall and connect the plug
- possibility to replace the faulty device quickly and without difficulty