HRC double flow



HRC dual flow - functional, compact and elegant

HRC dual flow is the INNOVA ventilation system that works with the principle of regenerative heat recovery through a ceramic exchanger placed inside the unit and a DC Brushless fan. The air is constantly filtered through a coarse filter installed on the front plate and easily accessible.

The control systems allow the choice of autonomous or coordinated operation of the installed equipment.

The installation of HRC dual-flow requires a 162 mm hole, and the installation kit consists of telescopic tubing and an external folding grille for installation from inside and outside the wall.

HRC a doppio flusso

HRC 08 V

Recovery efficiency 90,2 %
Efficiency class A

Indoor unit dimension  500  500  148

HRC X 08 V

Recovery efficiency 80,5/61 %
Efficiency class A

Indoor unit dimension  500  500  148