The possibility of using one specially designed device to connect several machines in parallel (up to 15) enables highly powerful systems to be created.

The electronic control also enables functions to be controlled and viewed remotely using a keypad with display.

Using a communication card with TCPIP LANs, the system can be controlled and adjusted from internet.

Product range

The range comprises 4 models from 5 to 14 Kw of cooling power with single- and three-phase power supply.

IN.CH can be installed on the floor or on a wall; the air outlet and inlet are on three sides for maximum flexibility of installation.


  • Water softeners for high minerals content water.
  • Remote Control Kit
  • Wall installation kit to bring the plumbing connections to the lower part of the machine. Only for 5, 7 and 10 models.
  • Master control and web server PCB for the supervision and the control of up to 15 chillers
  • Check Valve Kit for boiler plants to combined
  • 100 liter buffer for chilled water

Download and check our IN.CH catalogue for more informations!