The BUTLER web server is a new INNOVA system to manage an entire air conditioning system from a local and remote network.

BUTLER is powerful, simple and economic at the same time; it consists of a Web Server card integrated in a micro computer, which allows to connect the heat pumps, ventilation systems and fancoils, equipped with electronic controls with Modbus port, to a normal wired or wireless LAN.

There fore is possible to configure an entire system or individual fancoils networks to control them from a smartphone, tablet or computer via local or remote connection; it is also possible to set for each one: a weekly calendar with time slots, create zones, operating scenarios such as house, school, hotel, and etc.

All the functions are executable without installation of an additional software in directing to an IP address or via an free of charge APP.


Main functions

  • Supervision and local or remote management: the system can be managed without difference from a smart phone, tablet o computer.
  • Personalized programming for summer and winter: it is possible to have different programming for each season.
  • Three temperature levels setting on the INNOVA fancoils network: it is possible to select 3 different working temperatures, which can be changed at any time fop any room or area.
  • Weekly schedule programming: different operating time schedules can be set on every unit.
  • Network interface is like that of PCs: once the bus network between heat pump and fan coils has been created, the connection with the web server is the same as for an usual computer.
  • Remote assistance: with the consent of the user BUTLER can automatically enter the INNOVA cloud for diagnostics and assistance if it is needed.