recuperatore di calore HRW

HRW is a heat recovery ventilation unit with a high efficiency heat recovery unit, air treatment section for dehumidification, cooling and heating.

It combines the advantages of air exchange with an hidronic integration system that uses an additional recirculation network.

It is therefore able to meet the cooling requirements even on the residential buildings with high external loads.

It can be powered by heat pumps eHPoca and 3in1, generic heat generators and chillers.

The unit is composed of a monoblock including each component for correct operation and allows operation with wide outdoor temperature ranges.


Panels are performed of double sandwich panel, with an externally painted finishing and galvanized inside the unit.
Self-supporting perimeter frame in galvanized metal sheeting. The insulation of the panels is realized of a high-performance insulation material with a thickness of 20 mm and a 6 mm thick adhesive polyethylene insulation material. Choice of materials with elevated thermal and acoustic insulation characteristics.

ventilatori hrw

The unit is equipped with centrifugal Brushless plug-fun fans with electronic motor and a control module, compliant with Erp2015 standards.
A very high efficiency and low noise levels.

Cross-flow polypropylene heat exchanger with a reversed flow of a high efficiency> 90%. Summer and winter operation.

filtrazione hrwFiltration
Flat filters F7 on the renewal air and on the extraction stale air upstream of the heat recovery unit.
Filters G2 with a low pressure drop on the recirculated air that can be easily removed.

sezione di trattamento hrwTreatment section
The unit is equipped with a water battery with optimized geometry for dehumidification or integration of cooling and heating.
Operation takes place at various operating temperatures of the supply water.

schermata-2018-02-20-alle-11-07-05ECA649 Control
The unit provides the possibility of its supply along with an ECA649 touch control panel.

Built-in electrical panel with a microprocessor and dedicated regulation. Fans control, ambient temperature regulation and the desired ambient setpoint. Recirculation control, anti-freeze function and management of the on-off valve on the water side. Simplified Touch Control Panel.


caratteristiche tecniche hrw

  1. External air temperature 7 °C; relative humidity 72%. inner temperature 20 °C; relative humidity 28%, nominal air flow rate
  2. External air temperature 30 °C; relative humidity 60%. inner temperature 25°C; relative humidity 50%, nominal air flow rate
  3.  Inner temperature 25 °C; relative humidity 60%, nominal air flow rate; Water in 7°C Water out 12°C
  4. Inner temperature 20 °C; relative humidity 60%, nominal air flow rate; Water in 50°C Water out 45°C