HRPE is a ventilation unit completed with a heat recovery unit dedicated to air exchange without energy waste in tertiary environments.

The unit is particularly destined in all the cases where the nominal air exchange rates do not exceed 5000 m3/h.


High resistance structure made of an antistatic and protected against UV rays ABS plastic material. It is made of coupled ans easily installed and inspected sections.

The unit is equipped with backward curved radial fans with an electronic motor and a modulating control.
A very high efficiency and low noise levels.

Cross-flow polypropylene heat exchanger with a reversed current of high efficiency.
Low freezing and operating temperatures down to -25°C.
Very high exchange efficiency.

There are two filters with filtration class F7 up- stream of the recovery unit.
The removal can be done without any tools.

The unit provides the possibility of supply with a control device ECA649 smart touch wall panel.

Metal sheeting sandwich panels (externally galvanized – internally galvanized) with an interposed polystyrene insulation. Internal pads in a thick galvanized material. Perimeter structure with aluminum profiles, with sealing gaskets and no air leakage.

Free cooling
Free-cooling with a damper and a motorized actuator.

Eletric Panel
Electric board completed with a board for 3 speeds fans control, antifreeze and manual free-cooling control. Command via digital contacts.

Thanks to its construction particularities and to its components, the unit is able to achieve a recovery efficiency of more than 90%. During winter and summer seasons there is a considerable energy recovery of the renewal air introduced into the environment.


Horizontal version
caratteristihe tecniche hrpe

Vertical version

  1. Data related to the regulation UNI EN 13141-7: Internal temperature 5 °C – Internal humidity 72% – External temperature 25 °C – External humidity 28%