recuperatore di calore HRP

HRP DOMO X is a ventilation unit equipped with an enthalpy heat recovery unit dedicated to the air exchange without energy waste.

The unit is particularly suitable for single family units, apartments and in all the cases where the nominal air flow rates do not exceed 500 m3/h.

Tested and classified according to the European regulation Ecodesign ref. 1253/2015 and 1254/2014.


High resistance structure made of an antistatic and protected against UV rays ABS plastic material. It is made of coupled ans easily installed and inspected sections. Self-supporting frame of galvanized sheet metal, externally painted with thermal and acoustic insulation.

The unit is equipped with backward curved radial fans with an electronic motor and a modulating control. A very high efficiency and low noise levels.

Cross-flows polypropylene heat exchanger with high efficiency. Low freezing and operating temperatures down to -25°C. Very high exchange efficiency.

There are two filters of F7 filtration class with low pressure drop upstream of the recovery unit. The removal can be done without any tools. Easily extractable as in horizontal so in vertical positioning.

The units are equipped with Bypasses of recuperation unit, that allow the function of intake of the fresh air from the outside when there are ideal conditions.

The unit provides the supply of an ECA649 smart touch control panel.

Free cooling
Free cooling realized inside the unit a wide air pas- sage and damper valve with a motorized actuator.

Electric panel
Electric panel is completed with 4 fan speeds management board, antifreeze, automatic bypass, temperature probes, management of post-heating batteries and automatic dirty filter signaling. A control panel required for the operation of the unit with a capacitive touch for mounting on box 503 or on a wall.

Thanks to its construction particularities and to its components, HRP DOMO is able to achieve a recovery efficiency of more than 90%. During winter and summer seasons there is a considerable energy recovery of the renewal air introduced into the environment.


caratteristiche tecniche hrp domo x

  1. Data related to the regulation UNI EN 13141-7: Internal temperature 20 °C – Internal humidity 28% – External temperature 7 °C – External humidity 72%
  2. Data related to the regulation UNI EN 3741 and UNI EN 3744