recuperatore di calore HRP

The HRA DOMO is an active ventilation unit for the heating, cooling, and renewal of the inner spaces air.

The unit is composed of a mono-bloc including: fans, refrigeration circuit with high efficiency compressors, air filtration sections and high efficiency reverse flow heat recovery unit.

HRA can function as a passive recovery unit and as an active thermodynamic recovery unit and is particularly suitable for residential premises, it is supplied as plug-and-play for a quick and easy installation.


Structure of a high resistance with a self-supporting frame of metal sheeting. Panels of galvanized metal sheeting, externally painted with thermal and acoustic insulation; internal inserts in a thick galvanized metal sheeting. Choice of materials with elevated thermal and acoustic insulation characteristics.

The unit is equipped with centrifugal fans with radial reversed blades with a directly coupled low consumption electronic motor.

recuperatore-hrp-domoActive Thermodynamic Recovery Unit
Cross-flow polypropylene heat exchanger with a reversed current of high efficiency. Low freezing and operating temperatures down to -25°C. Very high exchange efficiency. The unit allows the passive and active recovery of the expelled air energy. The thermodynamic recovery allows, thanks to its cooling circuit, to supply energy to the inner space in a greater quantity than the one subtracted from the ventilation.

There is a F7 filter, positionned upstream of the recovery unit on the intake air, and a filter F7 on the expulsion air with low pressure drops. The removal can be done without any tools.

High efficiency hermetic compressor with a built-inthermal protector.

The system management is entrusted to an advanced electronics but of simple management. An on-line guide guarantees a correct use by using the control keypad.

All in one
The completed unit is able to exchange the air and to integrate the cooling thermal requirements of the served spaces. The unit is completed with every component for its operation and ready to use.

Cooling Circuit
Made of brazed solid copper, completed with: a high efficiency compressor, dehydrating filter, finned batteries, solenoid valves, electronic expansion valve, liquid receiver, pressure transducers and safety devices.

Built-in electrical panel with a microprocessor and dedicated regulation. Fans management, visualization of the internal temperature probes of the unit, timely management of dirty filters, management of the heat pump according to the heating and cooling requirements, management of the air flow both in ventilation and with an active heat pump. Wide graphical interface with a configuration menu and a multilingual user menu.



  1. External air -5 °C/80% RH – Internal air 20 °C/50% HR – Nominal flow rate
  2. Sound pressure at 3 m in a free field according to 3744
  3. External air 35 °C/ 50% RH – Internal air 27 °C/ 60% RH – Nominal flow rate