The ventilation in buildings is considered necessary because the modern and refurbished houses do not allow the above-listed natural infiltrations.
The consequences of “air-tightness” of the new buildings have repercussions to the structure and to the occupants. The lack of ventilation manifests itself mainly by formation of mold and increase in humidity, with a consequent deterioration of the structure.

The consequences for the occupants are:

  • ailment and onset of the respiratory infections;
  • the accumulation of polluting substances;
  • the accumulation of CO2 with various symptoms, typically difficulty in breathing, headaches, physical exhaustion and asensation of “lack of air”.

Therefore, there is a need for a system to restore the natural balance in a time guaranteed by the same inefficiencies of the building.

The peculiarity of the Heat Recovery Ventilation is precisely that of restoring transpiration in an effective mode without frustrating the advantages guaranteed by the new building structure.