Heat pumps


The indoor water cooler



No external unit, minimum footprint

IN.CH Inverter is a compact water chiller ideal for cooling those buildings where - due to lack of space, for aesthetic reasons or by specific city constraints - it is not possible to install any outdoor unit. Thanks to its innovative evaporative condensation operation, the air flows are very low and a simple internal installation can be carried out using the boiler exhaust pipes as ducts and making holes of just 16 cm in diameter for connection to the outside.

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Little air, very little water

Compared to traditional air-cooled chillers, the temperature and pressure of the refrigerant fluid (ecological R410) are considerably reduced, thus obtaining high efficiency values ​​at any external temperature. Using very small quantities of both air and water, IN.CH Inverter is able to generate very high power, up to 10 kW. A product that can be easily combined with boilers and create integrated hot and cold systems, using fan coils or radiant panels.


Energy saving
40% less - electricity consumption

Easy Installation
thanks to its compact size and low weight

Great reliability
perfected over years and years of installation

Advanced electronics
to manage all parameters


Indoor installation

Maximum comfort with the lowest consumption

Extremely compact, it takes up little space

Without outdoor unit



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