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..2.0 H2O

The water/air conditioner



Zero impact renovations

..2.0 H2O is one of the most advanced air conditioners on the market in terms of design, performance, installation flexibility; it represents an innovative technical solution in the world of building renovation. Connected to the water table or, even better, in a water loop system, ..2.0 H2O only needs a hydraulic connection and a drain without any further installation device to ensure perfect comfort, summer and winter, in any home.

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Hot and cold, no problem

..2.0 H2O is the ideal air conditioner in particular domestic contexts such as historic centers and in general for the energy requalification of condominiums, where it is possible to remove the radiators and use the same pipes to have, both heating than cooling in a water loop system. A thin product with a small footprint that, with a great silence, can become almost invisible.


Very high efficiency

Constant heat output independent of the external temperature

Little water

Very modest flow rate required, especially in conditioning


The ring system allows the refurbishment of a centralized system by replacing the radiators with ..2.0 H2O

Advanced design

Only 16 cm deep and with modern lines


Maximum comfort with lower consumption and greater silence

Can be used with water from mains, groundwater or water loop WLHP ring systems

The modulating valve option allows to reduce water consumption

WiFi connection for remote control



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