Ethernet and WiFi wireless system are the standard communication means for all electronic devices (PC, tablets, smartphones…).

EHPoca and 3in1 ( WEB server board optional ) can be connected to Internet: the WEB Server interface allow management and control of heat pump from any Internet connection.

Standard domotic softwares on the market request complicated procedures for installation and normally function only with a few hardware devices; INNOVA solution, on the contrary, is HTML, the same language used for Internet pages. Therefore, any device with Internet Explorer or any other compatible browser will be able to manage your plant with an easy and immediate interface, just need to click the corresponding address.

web control

TCP/IP protocol of our products is the underpinning of Internet.

From a remote access or through a VPN you can program your plant, wherever you are. In case of alarm, the heat pump will send you an alarm (e-mail). This permits you to activate your after sales service that, under your permission, can link in online straight to your plant and determine and possibly fix the problem, without the need of a visual inspection.