Inverter heat pump

Ehpoca is a reversible cycle heat pump for winter heating, the production of domestic hot water and summer cooling. To run and control the speed of the compressor and the outdoor fan, the machine uses DC INVERTER technology (high-performance permanent magnets engine with power and speed control and a pulse modulation electronic device: PWM, acronym for pulse with modulation). ehpoca comprises two units: the outdoor unit is very similar to that of an air conditioner, while the indoor part consists of a wall device similar to an independent boiler. The two units are connected through copper pipes for the refrigerant.

Energy Saving

DC Inverter heat pumps offer a high level of energy saving in terms of both heating and domestic hot water production. The heat pumps working with DC Inverter technology guarantee high COP (coefficient of performance) values even at low outdoor temperatures.
In comparison with a fuel system (common boilers), the cost of power for the whole winter season can be 2 to 3 times lower. Moreover, energy is also saved in the production of domestic hot water


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