“3 in 1” includes in one body 3 different functions: winter heating, summer cooling and sanitary water heating. A special version includes as well all components for solar function.

The new indoor module, marked by nice design and reduced dimensions (base is only 60×60 cm!), contains: heat pump module with brazed plates, DC Inverter (class A) circulation pump on primary circuit, 200 litres inertial tank with instantaneous heat exchanger (stainless steel AISI 316L, 4m2) for sanitary water, hydraulic splitter, 24 litres plant expansion vessel (48 litres for special version with solar function), safety valves, diverting valve for sanitary hot water, stopcocks, sieve filter for plant water, automatic vents to avoid air bubbles .

3in1 includes as well an electronic circulation pump (A class) for plant, downstream of hydraulic splitter. This solution permits the complete separation between primary and secondary circuits, with higher reliability of the whole heat pump –no more change of flow due to water circulation on the plant side.


Outdoor units are the same of eHPoca range (up to 15 KW), functioning from -20°C up to +45°C, modulating full Inverter control, perfect defrosting cycles in every outdoor condition and very low noise level – gas connections can be up to 50 meters.

With “3 in 1”, installation is extremely fast as only few connections are requested: plant connections, sanitary water circuit, outdoor unit and, if requested, with an auxiliary boiler (managed by “3 in 1” itself) and a circuit for medium temperature radiators. Sanitary water tank is inertial with instantaneous stainless steel exchanger (4 m2) submerged. This solution guarantees the best hygiene as there is no stagnation of large water quantities.

Furthermore, water feed is continuous and constant thanks to the absence of intermediate exchangers between heat pump and sanitary tank. An expansion vessel of 24 liters ( 2 vessels of 24 litres each in case of special version for connection to solar plant) is adequate for the average volume of both plant water and sanitary water tank.
Pipings and all internal components of “3 in 1” are insulated so to avoid any leakage or dew in summer cycle.
All components are easily accessible from the front side of the module. The electrical panel is equipped with a main switch and is enclosed in a watertight IP44. Electronic control can be linked through WEB server to any PC or smartphone; the new user interface has a wide touch screen panel that can be remotated.

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