Filoterra Innova: an air curtain that counteracts and neutralizes the heat of summer and the cold currents

In many architectonical situations, for exemple with ceiling windows and large sliding doors, it is important to counteract the summer heat that is massively dif- fused into the room, or the silly cold streams that ap- pear on the walls in winter time. Standard solutions, as aircons in front of such glass windows, quit often are not compatible with the room design, besides being very poorly e ective.

INNOVA presents Filoterra, the new range of DC Inverter fancoils to be built into the oor, capa- ble to generate a real air curtain that fully pre- serves the ambient from any unrequested intru- sion of cold or warm air.

Compared with standard solutions already present on the market, Filoterra has more com- pact design and dimentions – therefore, with the same power output, a much lower size.

Download and check our Filoterra DC Inverter catalogue for more informations!