Heat Recovery


The first heat recovery unit available on the market



A solution that looks to the future

In every building, the expenses related to domestic hot water represent an increasingly large percentage of the economic balance. Recovering this energy, normally dispersed through waste water discharges, thus becomes an important saving for the user and the community, and a decisive choice to respond to recent European regulations on the obligation to increase the share allocated to renewables. In addition to the residential one, the heat recovery unit is a fundamental technology in contexts of collective use such as hotels, wellness centers and sports centers, where the heat used for domestic water is higher than that used for heating.

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The first and only recovery unit on the market

To date, BEE is the only device on the market capable of recovering the heat lost in the environment from a sanitary system. A patented solution created by INNOVA which is based on a very simple idea: to use a heat exchanger crossed by the cold water taken from the aqueduct and lapped, inside the recuperator, by the hot water sent to the drain. Clean water is preheated by heat from the waste water - and water with a higher temperature enters the mixer or water heater. Even in terms of maintenance, BEE does not require any specific attention other than that required for a traditional hydraulic drainage network.

High performance
from 30% to 75% of recovery based on the size and flow of water

Quick amortization
the investment is recovered in a maximum of 10 months for intensive use and within 3 years for limited use

Reliable and durable
like a normal drain pipe

Easy to install
also for interventions on old buildings


The energy class of the house increases

Small footprint

Recovery efficiency of 30%

Energy recovery for domestic hot water



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