Thermal energy recovery from hot water drained by domestic systems is theoretically simple: it is sufficient to use a heat exchanger path in a branch of the hot water sent to the waste water disposal network, and from cold water taken from the aqueduct. Despite the simplicity of the idea, it was impossible to find a component on the market specifically designed for this purpose until now.

Innova has designed, patented and manufactured an extremely revolutionary device that will effectively change the way plumbing and heating systems are designed.

The heat recovery unit for waste water by Innova is a device that, through the exchange of heat between waste water and water feed from thermal generators or directly from the final mixer, recovers a significant amount of heat that would otherwise be dispersed into the environment.

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Heat recovery its operation is simple and intuitive: waste water passes above two specially shaped metal sheets (made of stainless steel AISI 316 L, thus resistant to corrosion), pressed into a serpentine design, and welded together. Clean water flows inside the counter-current coil, in respect to drainage water, which feeds: the kettle, the boiler or mixer from the “cold” side. The clean water is therefore preheated by extracting heat from the drainage water.

In the mixer or in the boiler, water at a higher temperature than the aqueduct temperature enters, thus reducing the energy required to bring it to the temperature required for its use. This stainless steel heat exchanger is in a polypropylene waterproof duct (the same material used for waste-water piping), which is connected in series to the drain pipe. The inside of the duct is completely empty, and therefore does not cause any problems such as accumulation of dirt.

The reliability and durability of this device is therefore the same as a common drain pipe. Any maintenance that might be required, however, is extremely simple and easy, carried out as with a normal drain pipe for waste water drainage networks.

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