Logo WAN Award 2012

Innova, who has always worked in the renewable energy field, has created “Bee” the heat recovery device, which recovers a considerable amount of heat that would instead be dispersed in the environment.

As is known, energy consumption due to the heating of domestic water is very high. In some cases of collective use (hotels, spas, sports centres etc.), the energy used to heat water for domestic use is greater than that used for heating the home. Recovering a substantial part of this energy dispersed into the environment through waste water drains is an important savings, both economically for the user, and for the entire community. Furthermore, every attempt to reduce energy waste is also a sign of respect for the environment in which we live. Recent European regulations and directives (RES) on whether to increase its share of renewable energies dictates that we must adopt technologies that are founded on the use of natural energy (thermal, solar, etc.) and heat recovery.Recuperatore BEE installato sotto il piatto doccia

Download and check our BEE catalogue for more informations!