AirLeaf DC Inverter is particularly suitable also for built-in mounting. Thanks to its reduced thickness, AirLeaf SLI can blend easily into all types of walls and false ceilings, even not very thick ones. Its extreme low noise level makes it the perfect choice for winter and summer climate control in all settings, especially bedrooms at home and inside hotels.

The wide range of accessories, both for installation (custom channels, containment casings, air vents) and for function checks (remote wall thermostats, BMS remote management cards) enable all types of applications in building structures and in connection with the most diverse systems. The units are fitted with double drip tray for installation in horizontal (from false ceiling) and vertical (wall) position.

The casing’s front cover panel is available in both the wall and ceiling versions. This accessory allows easy cleaning of the air filters through the removable front grid and easy access to the SLI terminal for maintenance.

AirLeaf SLI

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