Sometimes you face the need to replace an existing radiator for winter heating with a complete system for summer and winter use. in such situation, “2.0 FCU” is the best answer: one single body integrates both an airconditioning system for summer cooling and winter heating ( heat pump mode), and a fancoil for winter heating with hot plant water. To install “2.0 FCU” is extremely easy: once the old radiator is removed, the existing niche is occupied by “2.0 FCU” thanks to two holes in the wall and some simple connections to the existing hot water pipes.

With “2.0 FCU” you can cool down temperature in summer, warm up in winter in heat pump mode or with plant water, and dehumidify all year round. In winter time, heating is economically provided by the heat pump functioning mode; when outdoor temperatures decrease, “2.0 FCU” automatically integrates heat pump functioning with fancoil, so to maintain the set temperature. In case external temperatures become particularly low, heating with fancoil only can be set (therefore excluding heat pump).

On demand, 2.0 FCU can be equipped with “3.0”, the condensate vaporizer. Condensate is sprayed out through exaust air hole of 2.0 FCU, without the need of a specific 3rd hole for “3.0”. Such fitting can be done only at the factory.