HRC is a heat recovery unit that allows a high performance heat recovery ventilation without need to create a system with pipes, diffusers and centralized units.

The unit features with the principle of regenerative heat recovery through a ceramic exchanger placed inside the unit and a DC Brushless fan with a reversed cycle operation.

Air is constantly filtered through a G3 filter installed on the front and easily accessible plate. The control systems allow the choice of autonomous or coordinated operation of the installed devices.


hrc struttura

Structure is made of an antistatic and protected against UV rays ABS plastic. It is made of coupled and easily installed and inspected sections.

Axial fans with DC Brushless electronic motor and control module. A very high efficiency and low noise levels.

Heat exchanger with a regenerative operation with alternated flow. Made of technical ceramics with a high exchange efficiency and a low pressure drop.

Easily removable G3 filters with a low pressure drop.

hrc-kit-installazioneInstallation kit
The installation kit consisting of a telescopic piping and an external finishing grill with a flexible mesh for mounting on existing homes and buildings.

The system management is made on an advanced electronics but of a simple management. The regulation manages automatic, manual and combined functioning with a possibility of connecting up to 4 units in parallel.

Technical Features


  1. Data related to the regulation UNI EN 13141-7: Internal temperature 20 °C – Internal humidity 28% – External temperature 7 °C – External humidity 72%
  2. Data related to the regulation UNI EN 3741 and UNI EN 3744