Innova distinguishes itself thanks to the clearness of its mission and strategy that determine the manner in which its activity is managed.

Energy Efficiency, Quality of Performance and Innovative Technology Solutions: These are the features that distinguish Innova, a company that creates products for climate comfort.

Innova believes in an organisation which consists in people that are loyal and faithful to each other.

Those working in Innova are determined and stubborn towards achieving their own objectives and at the same time they are decisive for obtaining them. The strength and determination of the group of people working in Innova has brought about the enthusiasm to transform innovative ideas and visions into products, reliable and properly manufactured, successful.
This way Innova is creating its presence, and image, throughout Italy and Europe

The motto

“Growing through innovation”

is the guideline motto of Innova for drafting their objectives and strategies.

A history of effort, perseverance, Illusion, experience and innovation.

Product quality and service are our path to excellence, seeking the continued satisfaction of customers, suppliers and employees.


  • Committed to people, INNOVA is a participatory project where the intellectual and personal satisfaction are paramount. We are committed to give the best of ourselves to meet the needs and solve the problems of our customers.
  • Committed to the Environment in all development and production processes, applying ECO at all stages of product life, with teams that contribute to reduced consumption and energy efficiency, and sustainable development.
  • Committed to the outcome of the projects in which we participate. We are experts in what we do and we transfer that knowledge to partners with whom we collaborate.


We work to provide value to our customers and for us it is only possible from a strategy of continuous innovation in both products and processes, applying the technology to the design of energy efficient equipment and very low noise.


  • We believe in  quality in terms of delivering value and satisfaction of our customers regarding their expectations when working with INNOVA.
  • We believe in quality in terms of reliability, optimizing the performance of our equipment during its life through technology and through the tests we test all products before leaving the factory.
  • We believe in  quality in terms of service, responsiveness, quality and reliability, and involvement in the resolution of problems.


We work to build relationships of trust with our customers by providing the best of ourselves to be worth working with INNOVA