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Enter the INNOVA showroom!

In this period of travel limitations, INNOVA has decided to shorten the distances and open the doors to new digital visitors.

You will enter the heart of the company, in the R&D area where products are developed and with a simple click, it will be possible to visit the INNOVA showroom, discover the products on display, the news and many curiosities.

STØNE, Filomuro built-in, Ducto, the new ..2.0 MINI (R290 propane gas) and MAXI (15HP), the VMC news ... Everything (almost) at your fingertips!

You can then visit the two climatic chambers where all the INNOVA units are tested. Climatic chambers that replicate the external environmental conditions from -30 ° C to 60 ° C and internal 0 ° C to 50 ° C and allow perfect control over the performance of the products.

By clicking on the various labels of the units, the descriptions of the products in Italian and English will open, for a first in-depth analysis of the above.

Are you curious?

Click... and enter INNOVA

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