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All the INNOVA news at MostraConvegno 2018
Come and visit us at Hall 13, Stand p11 / s12!

In a new and enlarged stand (160 m2) INNOVA will present a Show conference the main news to for the next season, among which we anticipate:

  • “..2.0” – The new design - increasingly beautiful, modern, invisible.
  • “..2.0 Verticale”: The new way of interpreting the concept of air conditioning without an outdoor unit
  • “FÄRNA” – A new, true, revolution in the world of fancoils
  • “STØNE” – Air-to-water heat pumps as they have never been seen before
  • “VMC” – The new INNOVA offer in all possible variations (punctual, active, passive, enthalpy, hydronic, commercial...)
  • “Web Server BUTLER” – Connectivityto Web of the whole INNOVA range

INNOVA awaits you atHall 13, Stand P11 / S12!