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20Th May TO 30Th July 2023

Upon the XVIII Venice Biennale of Architecture, Platform (the architecture and design magazine) has organised The New Together, a collective exhibition with the objective of investigating, through the projects of 140 architecture firms from all over the world, how the design of the spaces is evolving to meet the needs of the new times we are living in.

The exhibition will be hosted at the Scuola Grande di S. Maria della Misericordia in Venice, from 20th May to 30th July 2023 - the location of the collateral events that will animate the exhibition period.

The architects included in The New Together exhibition will be called to describe their vision during the Platform Architecture Festival, which will take place from the 23rd to the 26th of June 2023. This will be made of four days of discussions, talks and conferences in association with the sponsors and the selected architecture firms, with the aim of creating an active platform where visions, points of connection and contrast through architecture and the different languages that the exhibition identifies will be brought together.

At the show, INNOVA, official sponsor of the event, will present STØNE - "The heat pump you no longer have to hide". STØNE is the heat pump that renews the technology and aesthetics of the sector with a tailor-made design solution for residential use. Compared to traditional outdoor units - bulky and bad looking - STØNE integrates perfectly on balconies, terraces and outdoors of condominiums and prestigious contexts.

Free standing, partially recessed or total built-in? STØNE outdoor units can be installed in contexts and ways previously unforeseenable, with the possibility of positioning them completely against the wall, making them disappear entirely or partially in the wall and with innovative modular combinations, for example back/back. In any situation, zero compromises between elegance and efficiency.