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The heat pump not to be hidden any more

Heat pumps are the most modern, ecological and efficient solution for summer and winter air conditioning in homes.

STØNE is the heat pump that renews the technology and aesthetics of the sector with a tailor-made design solution for residential use, minimizing its presence outdoors for installation in contexts and ways that were previously unthinkable.

STØNE heat pumps can be positioned completely against the wall or disappear entirely or partially into the wall, integrating elegantly with the environment. The variety of configurations also allows modular back-to-back combinations, which has never been achieved before.

In addition to its design, STØNE can guarantee the best performance at any summer or winter temperature and a first-class level of acoustic comfort.

Complete with a frontal intake system with a plug fan that directs the air flow to the exchange coils, minimising noise. The outgoing air flow can be vertical or horizontal to meet all requirements.

STØNE the heat pump not to be hidden any more.

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